Deaf Awareness PSA

"Imagine a world where everyone can read minds"

Project Brief
For this project, the overall goal is to create a PSA-style video that will bring awareness to those who are hard of hearing or deaf. The aesthetic will be more like childlike visuals with simple cartoon characters and light colors. All pieces of the project will be made or edited by me. 
The piece will present a world of aliens where everyone can communicate telepathically except a few. This world of aliens is not so far off from the real world where we see the same situation but with someone who is deaf. Both parties feel isolated and alone at first until we learn how we the audience can be more aware.
For this project, I researched a few different associations but by far the one with the most info was the National Association of the Deaf. This organization gave me information about formal terms for those who are deaf and how to best support them. It gave me information on different forms of hearing disorders and what ages they become most prevalent as well as medically cited data. 
I also was able to get access to real-life information through a friend who works at a behavioral speech therapy clinic for children and specializes in hearing disorders and ASL. After interviewing them, I learned more about the personal aspects of being deaf and the best ways to become more aware. 
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